• Kate

Is Intermittent Fasting right for you?

The way to know if IF is right for you is simply, for you to listen to your body.

If you think that IF is too challenging, or you have other reasons why you don’t want to attempt it, I advise that you ask yourself why you don’t want to give it a go.

Frequently, it can be down to an emotional reason. Possibly there is a habit, such as feeling you have to eat at a certain time of day.

Or maybe it’s because of a dependency behaviour, such as sugar-addiction and the feeling you need a sugar-laden breakfast on waking to get you started for the day. But, once you recognise and accept what the source of conflict is, you will find that IF is actually very simple and effortless.

A great intro into IF is to try to go without food for 16 hours, which is known as Time-restricted feeding (Phase 1 of The What IF Plan).

So to give you an idea if you have your last meal at 7PM, then you would not eat anything until 11AM the next morning. During that 16-hour window, your body will switch from using stored glycogen for fuel and begin using fat. As you are generally sleeping for the majority of this time, you don’t even realise you are fasting!

Studies show that IF is favourable for most people, however, those who are pregnant or breast feeding should NOT fast. Those suffering from an eating disorder should not fast, nor should children, teens and the elderly. Additionally, if you have chronic or acute condition, or take medications you need to check with your doctor to see if IF is right for you.

An American nephrologist, Dr. Jung, has many patients who are on kidney dialysis for the damage incurred as a result from Type 2 diabetes. Dr. Jung has seen many of his Type 2 diabetes patients achieve fantastic results from IF. He has also examined the myth of reduced fat-free (muscle) mass (FFM) when fasting and highlights that IF does NOT result in reduced fat-free mass (FFM). Additionally, Dr. Jung noted that when one exercises in a fasted state muscle builds at a quicker rate whilst recovery time improves.

Just another fab reason to give IF a go!

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